Oxygen is a necessary element in all forms of life. The level of dissolved oxygen (DO) is one of the best indicators of overall water quality.

The world’s most cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly method is IMPROVE WATER QUALITY by adding the needed oxygen.

Adequate dissolved oxygen (DO) is necessary for good water quality.

We believe that anyone not using Ultra-OXYGEN MB/UFB technology is missing out big time. Ultimately every client/farmer needs to decide if they want to improve their business and ROI by incorporating new technology into their daily operations and Research & Development programs.

UO2-MB/UFB generators are the best-priced, most cost-effective, sustainable, robust, easy to use, and most environmentally friendly way to create Micro- and Ultrafine bubbles smaller than 100 microns.

The level of oxygenation required, the volume of water, and time to achieve the necessary level of Dissolved Oxygen, and the volume of water stored in reservoirs, will determine the type and quantity of UO2 micro and ultrafine bubble generators needed. Therefore, site-specific engineering is recommended to determine the most effective solution for each project.

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