A Taste of Pure Excellence: Prevent Taste and Odor Woes with Ultra-Oxygen Technology

In the world of drinking water treatment, purity is paramount. Yet, the growth of algae and biofouling can turn pristine waters into a source of frustration, leading to a multitude of issues, including taste and odour problems. Ultra-Oxygen MB/UFB technology emerges as the ultimate saviour, ensuring your drinking water treatment plant operates seamlessly and delivers water that not only looks pure but tastes and smells as fresh as nature intended.

The Quest for Purity:

A drinking water treatment plant’s performance hinges on the quality of the source water. However, lurking beneath the surface are challenges that can mar the purity of your water supply:

  • Algae and Biofouling Woes: The unchecked growth of algae, cyanobacteria, and biofouling can wreak havoc, causing intake screen clogs, weir fouling, increased chlorine demand, and the release of toxins. Taste and odour problems become a nuisance that must be resolved.
  • Biofouling Blues: Biofouling in drinking water systems is a silent threat, causing microbiological and chemical deterioration in water quality, promoting corrosion, and reducing the efficiency of treatment processes. It also leads to chemical overuse and complications like trihalomethane (THM) formation.

The Ultra-Oxygen Solution:

Ultra-Oxygen MB/UFB technology is the key to preserving the taste and odour quality of your drinking water:

  1. Efficient Aeration: Our technology introduces a copious volume of Micro and Ultrafine Bubbles, boasting oxygen transfer rates exceeding 90%. These bubbles efficiently increase dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, oxidize odour-causing compounds, and maintain stable DO concentrations.
  2. Odour Prevention: Micro and Ultrafine Bubbles, neutrally buoyant and evenly dispersed, act as a DO buffer. They continuously dissolve oxygen into the water, preventing the formation of foul-smelling compounds like H2S.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Ultra-Oxygen systems operate seamlessly as inline gas injection systems, treating issues like H2S and BOD upstream of the treatment plant with minimal energy consumption, outshining conventional solutions.

Experience Pure Water, Unleash the Flavor:

With Ultra-Oxygen MB/UFB technology, your drinking water treatment plant can continue to deliver water that’s not just pure but also tastes and smells refreshingly clean. Say goodbye to taste and odour problems, and savour the essence of pristine water.

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