pH Harmony: Regulate Discharge pH Levels Seamlessly with Ultra-Oxygen Technology

In the realm of power generation facilities, the challenge of maintaining proper pH levels in cooling ponds looms large. Excessive algae growth often leads to pH levels exceeding NPDES permissible limits, inviting a slew of regulatory hurdles. Enter Ultra-Oxygen technology, the game-changer that promises to revolutionize how we tackle this complex issue.

The pH Predicament:

Cooling ponds, essential for storing heated water and supplying cooling water to power plants, must adhere to stringent NPDES effluent requirements. Specifically, pH levels must be maintained within the narrow range of 6.0 to 9.0 SU. The stakes are high:

  • Algae’s Impact: Algal overgrowth, driven by various factors like nutrient-rich source water, chemicals used in cooling operations, and high salt content, can trigger a pH spike. Photosynthesis, the engine behind algal growth, removes carbon dioxide from the water, elevating pH levels.
  • Current Solutions: Traditional methods involve adding sulfuric acid to the cooling water, a costly and inconsistent approach. Controlling algal growth with chemicals, though effective, often comes with high expenses and potential operational disruptions.

The Ultra-Oxygen Solution:

Ultra-Oxygen technology is the answer to achieving pH balance with precision:

  1. Algae Suppression: Our innovative technology curbs algal growth safely and cost-effectively. By disrupting the conditions that fuel algae proliferation, we prevent the pH from spiralling out of control.
  2. Chemical-Free Triumph: Say goodbye to expensive sulfuric acid treatments and potential side effects of algaecides. Ultra-Oxygen offers a chemical-free, eco-friendly alternative that puts you in control of pH regulation.
  3. Proven Success: Our technology has a track record of safely and effectively controlling algal blooms in a range of environments, from drinking water reservoirs to cooling ponds. It’s a reliable solution you can trust.

Experience pH Control Redefined:

With Ultra-Oxygen’s advanced technology, you can bid farewell to the uncertainties of pH management and welcome a future of efficient, eco-friendly water treatment. Achieve the perfect pH balance with ease.

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