Dissolved Oxygen Solutions

Waste Water

UO2-MB/UFB aeration is used in water and wastewater treatment processes to deliver dissolved oxygen to microorganisms responsible for the biological oxidation of carbonaceous material and ammonia. 


Micro and Ultrafine bubbles enable the cost-effective use of dissolved oxygen to improve water quality to help repair soil, promote nutrient uptake, increase plant health, and suppress root disease. 


When fish populations are tightly packed, a shortage of dissolved oxygen is inevitable because the fish and shellfish consume more oxygen from the water. Improving water quality sustainably for reuse is a major advantage for farmers.

MICRO and ULTRA-FINE BUBBLES ARE extremely small gas bubbles that have several unique physical properties that make them very different from normal bubbles.

These properties make UFB-Ultra Fine Bubbles a SUPERIOR AERATION method for several applications around the world.

Ultra-OXYGEN provides solutions that include the latest award-winning patented aeration technology in the world to increase the dissolved oxygen (DO) in water at rates and speeds never been seen before.


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All references made to “fine bubbles” in any technical documentation published before mid-2017, need to be carefully reviewed to avoid any confusion with the performance of claims made by manufacturers of aeration products. Ultra-OXYGEN found that most equipment INCORRECTLY refers to producing “fine bubbles” when it in fact only produces course and/or macro-bubbles that rise very quickly to the surface and do very little to leave any gas behind in the liquids like water.

Independant Field Experts 

The independent field experts around the world, available for driving the all-important site-specific solutions to meet your requirements are exceptionally talented professionals with decades of practical experience in their respective fields.

By combining their knowledge and field experience, they can address any challenges related to water quality that affects every person and industry on the globe.

With the application of Micro and Ultrafine bubble technology around the world, we strive to treat water and the environment with the respect it deserves.

Heindre Rademan

Founder and CEO of ULTRA-OXYGEN

Entrepreneur, aquaphilic and solutionist that lives out his passion to find and implement sustainable environmentally friendly solutions to improve water quality for all around the globe, and simultaneously helping Mother Nature to recover from human abuse and incompetence.

Using his +25 years of international experience in top management to plan, construct and maintain world-class sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life for all. This by implementing sustainable solutions within the agriculture, aquaculture, construction, infrastructure, and water industry.

Qualification: Civil Engineering

Field of expertise: Water Quality, Project and Contract Management, Engineering, Project Support/Development

Frederik G. H. van Zyl (Ferdi van Zyl)

Professional Environmental Scientist

Qualification: B. Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology (US), M. Sc. Microbiology (US).  Registered at South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) Pr. Sci. Nat 400047/92

Field of expertise: Plant Pathologist, Microbiologist, Botanist, Environmental Scientist, Naturalist, and as Water Impact Specialist.

Experience: +43 years’ experience as Professional Environmental Scientist in the Agricultural and Water industry. +21 Published scientific articles.

Prof. Hiroaki Tsutsumi

Professional Marine ecology, Coastal marine environmental, and UFB/Microbubble technology Expert

Qualification: B. Sc.  Biology (Kyushu University, Japan),  M. Sc. Biology (Kyushu University, Japan), D Sc. Biology (Marine ecology)(Kyushu University, Japan), Japanese Researcher No. 50197737

Field of expertise: Vice president of Prefectural University of Kumamoto, Professor of Faculty of Environmental and Symbiotic Sciences, and provide support and advice on any matters relating to Marine, Aquaculture and UFB/Microbubble technology applications.

Experience: +33 years’  experience as Professor at Kumamoto Women’s University / Prefectural University of Kumamoto studying Marine ecology, Environmental assessment of coastal seas, and Micro/nano-bubble technology (from 2003), +120 (65 in English) Published scientific articles.

Prof. Gert Venter

International recognised specialist in agronomic and horticultural systems and infrastructure

Qualification: Emeritus Professor: Agricultural and Food Engineering, Pretoria University D. Eng. , M. Eng. (Agric) (Cum Laude), B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering.

Field of expertise: Provide expert and professional advice, mentorship, and education to achieve spectacular results by exploring innovative approaches and novel techniques; all based on solid Value Engineering principles. Expertise lies in specific in Hydroponics, Greenhouses and Waste-to-Energy projects include business planning, turn-around strategies for poor performing CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) projects, engineering designs of Greenhouses, Hydroponics and Climate control systems, including Vertical Farming, Solar and Seawater Greenhouse designs. Also, Soil Conservation, Agricultural Mechanisation, and many other Agricultural Engineering and related fields of expertise.

Experience: +50 years’ experience in mentoring and educating others in his field of expertise and working as an Agricultural Engineer. More than 150 technical, popular, and scientific publications over a period of forty years on various aspects of agricultural engineering. Twenty technical handbooks on the application of electricity in agriculture for ESKOM’s Agrelek division (Utilisation of electricity in the farming sector). Three manuals on hydroponics and greenhouse crop production. Numerous radio talks and television interviews were also given over the years, covering various aspects of farming, including greenhouse technology and hydroponics.

Francois Daniel Mellett

External Managing Associate specializing in livestock and related services

Qualification: Ph.D. Agric (Meat Science) Univ. Stell (US).  Registered at South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) Pr. Sci. Nat 400069/06, S.A. Soc. Anim. Sci., S.A. Ass. Food Sci. & Tech., SABS HACCP Committee, SABS Canned meat Committee, Academic advisory committee: Pen Tech, Academic advisory committee: Cape Tech, AOAC Member.

Field of expertise: Director of FM&A (Pty) Ltd, consulting to the protein food processing sector. His focus is on the poultry  and  red  meat  industries,  hydrocolloids,  starches,  bread,  dehydrated  and shelf stable foods as well as amino acid balanced breakfast cereals.

Experience: +37 years experience as Professional Environmental Scientist in the Agricultural and Meat/Livestock industry. +60 Published scientific articles.

Cristian Vasile CHIS

External Managing Associate specializing in water disinfection

Qualification: Ph. D in Chemistry, Research Engineer, Master’s Degree in Waste Science and Techniques, Engineer Degree in Environmental Sciences, Bachelor’s degree in Informatics.

Field of expertise: International Specialist support for clients on water disinfection challenges.

Experience: 15 years of experience in the field of conceptualization, development, and manufacturing of nano-composite materials with active surfaces; Fundamental knowledge of the electrical-chemical proprieties of semiconductor oxides and their interaction at nano level; Industrialization for mass production of the CDV-ML nanotechnology; 5 granted patents & 10 published scientific articles.

Christopher Psutka

External Expert specializing in specialized pumps, valves, and  gas-liquid mixing technology

Qualification: B.Eng.Mgt. (Mechanical Engineering)

Field of expertise: International Specialist support for clients on specialized pumps, valves, and  gas-liquid mixing technology.

Experience: 11 years’ products and process engineer experience in developing specialised solutions with ground-breaking technologies and related equipment manufactured by world renown companies such as Nikuni, Immatek and others.