Over 50% of the fish and shellfish consumed by humans are produced through aquaculture, also known as fish farming. As fish farmers aim to produce more fish to keep up with global demand, they run into severe problems with a lack of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water. Fish and shellfish need a specific minimum amount of oxygen to breathe. When fish populations are tightly packed, a shortage of DO is inevitable because the fish and shellfish consume more oxygen from the water than naturally available. Additionally, waste by-products accumulate on the bottom of the fish farm, damaging or eliminating bottom-dwelling plants and animals required for a healthy ecosystem.

ULTRA-OXYGEN Micro and Ultrafine bubble technology can alleviate these problems by rapidly elevating and maintaining higher DO levels in the aquaculture environment, effectively oxygenating sea, dam, and lake floors due to the Ultrafine bubble’s lack of buoyancy.